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Stornappstinden, Lofoten

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

After arrival to Lofoten, the first full summit i did was Stornappstinden 740m. I wanted to check the conditions after the hard wind, what had moved a lot of snow. We parked on the main parking, there was no other cars. Meanwhile Sanna and the dogs waited in the campervan and Nikita took her daily nap, i hiked to the summit and rode down the normal route. On the steepest part i had to bootpack for about 100 vert.m when the snow was too solid to skin up. On the summit i had a minute tribute to Tiili(our husky what still was with us last time we was on that summit) The run .down offered surprisely good snow the whole way to the bottom in perfect evening sun. 17.2-22

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