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  • Niklas

Himmeltinden, Lofoten

Himmeltinden is one of the highest mountains in Lofoten and the highest on Vestvågöy. Its an stunning eye catching peak. From the summit (actual the presummit)the view is amazing. On the little higher real summit there is an NATO radar and "forbidden" area. I have visited the summit two times so far this spring. First time in end of February when it was winter conditions and you could ride all the way to the car. The 2nd time was in mid of March when you had to hike 250 vertm. to reach the snowlevel. That time in really good spring conditions.

The climb its not technical but requires stabile snowconditions, when most of the run is over 30 degrees on quite open areas. The mountain is so bad weather prone that its hard to expect good snow from top to bottom. But often you get a good mix of different snow conditions.

(The pics and video is from the first tour this winter)

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