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Into the giants of Jotunheimen

More known as Toss the pigs to Jotun, is a documentary about our week long adventure trip in Jotunheimen, Norway in beginning of May 2019.

For a long time we had planned the adventure, wghere our goal was to hike and big mountains with long and exposed runs and hopefully also do some first descents. The time we was going out was from end of April to first week in May. When in Jotunheimen is the most stabil conditions and most snow. Plan was to have Torfinnsbu DNT hut as base and some nights in tents for the runs what hade longer approache. To Torfinnsbu and back home we had planned transport with dogsled from Beito Husky Tours.

When the whole crew was gathered and it was time to leave for the adventure the reality was little bit different. After 5 weeks with amazing weather, the forecast for the upcoming(our week) was plus degreeses and rain. We had a day before warm up run on the steep North East couloir of Synshorn. Before we packed the dogsleds and headed out to Torfinnsbu and we surly did our best of the situation, what you can see in the short documentary movie Toss the pigs to Jotun, by Isak Sandling.

Enjoy! Hope you like it!

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