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Håtinden, Lofoten

The first week after arrival to Lofoten, we drove around and searhed potential mountain out of the books. One of that is Håtinden 649 South East face on Vestvågöy, what is an eye catching peak and the big quite steep South East face you can see from far on the road.

There had been lot of winds lately what had been taking away a lot of snow from many mountains, but south side of Håtinden has a nice long bowl what collects snow until the steep upper East face. Sanna gave me the hint that why you dont go and try out that nice looking mountain over there when we drove from Henningsvaer. So decision was made, lets try it out, weather was halfcloudy but it should work when the rocks gave contrast to the summit.

To my big surprise there wasnt any tracks even if it was weeks after snowfall. I hike up the route what felt most safe(the first 450vertm, is under 30 degrees) the snow was good and in the upper parts on the wall it was compact powder and it was possible to skin until 50vert from the summit where it was rockhard and over 35 degrees steep. I hadnt brought crampons, only split crampons. So it was a challenge to get up the last bit to summit, cause a slip there had been a slide over 200vertm,, . I made holes and steps in the snow with my poles to get steps for the boots and it worked good. Reaching the summit it was an amazing view one of the nicest on Vestvågöy i believe.

The run down was pure joy, compact snow with good grip on the steep upper part and nice snow in the bowl until you reached the trees where it was deep powder. Its also possible to reach the summit and ski from NorthWest where you have much easier terrain and a long cruise run.

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