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Twelve months in a row of splitboarding in Scandinavia

Celebrating 12 months in a row on Summit of Synshorn

Last spring when it got confirmed that we will stay in Norway over the summer, I set up a goal to continue the splitboard season over the whole summer at least one tour each month, with few criterias like: the tour has to be done by own machine, no tours at some summerski resorts and the runs had to be at least 300 vertical meter high

Ninth November 2018 I had finnish my goal of 12 months of splitboarding in a row. We are still in Norway so it will be interesting to see how many months I will be able to do it and will it be able to do all 12 months in the same country. For now it looks good 13months done and last 10 in Norway.

Here is a short recap with pic`s and some video link from every month:

-Xmas eve tour in minus 19 degrees C to summit of Tegefjäll in Åre, Sweden with Sissi the husky, Sanna and Tiili the husky.

-Early January to summit of Mullfjället in Åre with Sissi the husky, before we headed to alps for 3weeks it was a chilly day with temps around -20 and little wind made you not to stay too long on the summit.

-February I did quite many tours but there was a couple what stayed extra in mind. One was my first tour to Getryggen, close to Storulvån it was quite windblown but sunny day and we found good snow down. After that I had many tours in same area. It was totally opposite when we headed to Offerdalsfjällen in Jämtland,for a couple of days. That was one of the deepest days I been splitboarding, It had been quite windy days before so we did laps in the forests, with almost 1,5meter deep soft snow. It was a weekend to not forget.

- Mars was the first month in this project when I toured in Norway. We went to pick up Lilly the huskie from Beito Husky Tours. It was lot of snow in the area and we went up on Bitihorn in Husky deep powpow. It was Lillys first tour with team LarHol. Second memorable tour in Mars was when my friend Jerker and me took part in the SkiMo race King of Sixpack in Storulvån, Sweden. Where we prodly completed the whole race as only splitboarders. Due icy and windy conditions with drift snow race was reduced to 3 summits inside 3hours.

-In April there was two splitboard trips what was specially memorable. First one was when we went with camper to explore the amazing mountains along Helgelands kysten up to Bodö in NorthWestern Norway and from there continue with Hemavan in Sweden riding some nice couloirs. The 2nd one was in end of April when I ride an narrow couloir in Bitihorn on the 2nd attempt what I been checking out for a long time.

-May we organized our early Dogsled Randonee trip in Jotunheimen where I was guide. Three days of epic riding deep in wilderness with amazing huskies transporting you from camp to camp. More details about that trip in my next Blog.

-In June I had two nice chuting projects first one out was Bitihorn NorthEast couloir what was longer and even little bit steeper then I expected. The 2nd one was Synshorn NorthEast couloir what again looked steeper but was less steep then expected.

- In July it started to be more challenging to find rideable snow due so extremely hot summer. But on a roadtrip to Eidsbugarden I found a nice chute. I been earler seen it from Synshorn 40km away and it didn’t look so long. I was wrong, the NorthEast couloir from Breikvamnosi was both more challenging and longer then I thought, specially with this amount of snow. While climbing up I had to really think thru my choise of route due the flooding water under the steep snowfield. But it was one of the most nicest couloirs.

-In August there was almost no snow left expect some ice on the glaciers, but in end of August it had been snowing a little bit on the peaks over 2000m. So I decided to give it a try to go to Glittertind 2452m(Norways 2nd highest summit). It was a long tour first with 9km biking and then 900vertm. hike before I reached the new snow at 2100m. Even on there had Glitterbreean glacier almost melted away. But I was still able to ride about 600vertm. the first 300 in powder snow.

-September was again pretty cold for the time and it was snowing down to 1100m. And I saw from Valdresflya that it might be possible to ride Rassletind or at least Rasslet. And yeah I splitboarded all the way from the car and over the summit of Rasslet 1854m, cause Rasletind was all snow blown away. And rode 350vert down the east face in a small layer of powder.

-In October we already had got some snowlayer in the mountains. And the East face of Mugnetind seemed to have got most. Sanna, Tilli the husky and me went to check it out. Sanna by foot and I with the split. And yes the steep rocky east face was all covered in snow, soft snow. So we got some nice pics and I got to ride the best run of autumn 2018.

-In November Synshorn was the place to go, the nicest trip was when Sanna, Kasper and me went early morning pre-work tour and had the most amazing sunset on summit and powder half way down. And the most memorable trip was my solo trip in beginning of November when I on summit realized I been splitboarding 12months in a row.

-December is now already a bonus month, but important for the project of splitboarding 12 months in a row in Norway. The most memorable tour of December was Sanna`s and my tour to Belgjinöse 1600m. I been watching that pyramide since I first time was in Beitostölen. We climbed and rode the south west side. The snow was completely terrible ice but the surroundings and view was stunning. Also had few tours with nice powder and amazing weather.

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