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High camp at Trolldalen

Kågen is the island what makes you to come back to. Last year we fell in love in it. Its really north situated so temperatures stay lower than other places what makes snow dryer longer time. And the ocean surrounding is that deep blue colour. Road goes on one side of the island. The west side is accessible with the boat or by skiing across the island.

No wind sunny forecast gave us green light to go explore Trolldalen. Took some time to find a good sunny camp place. On 650m we set up a perfect camp. Wide ridge with evening and morning sun.

Sunset riding and even northern light in the night reminded us to do camping more often. Small and light Haglöfs Goga 3S sleeping bag was more than enought for sleeping on -10 degrees. Inside Haglöfs Lex 110 backpack fitted all needed gears and the ABS 30L.

Gas burner was not the best option to take with when its cold outside. Gasoline burner would be more effective for cooking outside. Nevertheless dinner was great and the camping was more than expected.

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