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A day in Les Marecottes

Place where you wanna come back is that one where you get good vibes, see interesting possibilities or its just a nice area. Alps have lot of places that have something special that makes it one of a kind. How they builded resort gives plus or minus to the area. Its always interesting to see how they used the mountains.

Backside of Marecottes, pic Mika Merikanto

Les Marecottes was nice surprise. Skiresort has 3 lifts, a gondola ,a chairlift and a t-bar, well placed lifts to reach big amount of runs. Snowconditions was great, (probably most of snow in whole alps for the moment), sunny and no wind.

Riding one of the spines, with Mount Blanc in background

Marecottes has been Miku Merikanto “home” mountain for over 10 years and he knows every rock and run there. Everywhere cool spots, couloirs, spine walls, drops etc. I asking Mika for some techincal runs if they are possible. After talking I got that he been doing all possible and unpossible runs on the mountain.

Hiking from skiresrt to North side, pic Mika Merikanto

Happy after great run, pic Nives Hollsten

We met up with Mika and Heta on mountain and did few runs and small photoshooting with Mika inside the skiresort. In afternoon we skinned up to col la Golette where we ride down the North side. The run is nice cruising with changing terrain. Without Mikas knowlegde of the area it hadnt been easy to find the right way down, cause wrong route choise can have big consequences. We had the luck to ride in amazing dry pow all the way back to Miku and Hetas appartment in Marecottes for a well tasting beer.

Big thanks to Mika and Heta for showing us around!

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