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Road trip stop two

Two weeks on the road passed fast.

Niklas had week of school in La Grave area so that was our first stop.

France was interesting. Great cheese, bread and cheap bear. Old, terrible lifts with great runs. Camper friendly country.

Small ski resorts delivered good riding. Snow dumped when we came, so it was true winter feeling. One day i joined to ride in the La Grave resort. Conditions was not stabile. La Meije didnt left me speachless. Crusing vs. extreme riding.

When we started the journey i said to Nicke that my goal for the season is one great day in alps, same we had last year in Nordkette. Powder snow with steeper riding and I’m good :)

In hope to deliver again Nicke decided to go to Courmayeur cause they got lot of snow.

We came late in the evening. Super fancy place, with forbidden parking signs everywhere. No open campings. I was already into going somewhere else.

But we stayed over night. Forecast was so so.

Morning view to Mont Blanc (4748m)

Punta Helbronner is that kinda of lift that take you up to 3462m and there is no slopes. It came some fresh snow day before and it looked prospective.

In the lift to the top was older mountain people. You could see that they know where they are going. Harnesses ready on. I was still with not clear decision if i will ride or take some photos from the top and go down with the lift.

View from the new station was amazing. Sharp peaks. Snow. Glaciers. I was speechless. Even to take the lift to see the view was enough already. Nicke checked out area and saw we don’t need ropes and that we can do the run. I was ok with that cause whenever he said i can join he is sure in that :)

So we went around to the famous stairs. Nicke took out my harness from his backpack and there i saw he knew where we are going. The stairs ended up and there was leathers hanging to come to the run on the glacier.

When I’m approaching new area, new run i always have feeling of being far from my comfort zone. And if feels great. You feel alive and in the moment. Its nice to push yourself from that lazy comfort of everyday life. I don´t say it was extreme, just different than i did before.

I took it easy and with every step on steep stairs i was more relaxed realising its not that hard. Having harness and sling helped a lot.

Riding was amazing. Perfect steep. Possible to get good speed so board can float without hanging to much back due to my little snowboard. It was just worth it. All that kicking around to get to the run in perfect snow.

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