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Recap of winter 2015.

Campervan, dog and riding gear was all we needed for the season 2015. Niklas pimped up the van with some new instalations like solar panel system, stereos and locker space.

Decision was to remove water tank because of economical reason wintertime we never used it. Warm water system needs to have van above 7 degrees warm to avoide freezing of pipes. Showering in the van we didnt use due to camping places and sea water. With removing the water tank we got 100liter more space under the back seat.

In small campervan as Fiat Ducato all extra locker space is good to have. Solar panel system gave us some extra days before need of recharging batteries what is mostly important for heating to work plus all gadgets that need electicity.

Niklas did some FWQ competitions what was in first months of the trip. Stops in Austria, Livigno, Switzerland delivered solid snow conditions. Riding in skiresorts have own charm. With avoiding "popular" places with crowded ski areas we had fun riding without fighting for powder. But ultimate for us as a couple with dog, was the second part of the trip, northern Norway and splitboarding ("earn your turns").

Spring in northern Norway was breathtaking. From aurora borealis lights that Nives saw for the first time, to great mountains and time spent riding with firends. Its normal to meet friends on the mountains around Lyngen cause its place to be in spring.

Decision to stay longer in Norway delivered great filming time what we also used in the movie. To keep it simlpe and how we like it, there is lot of riding and little talk, becasue that how it was.

Four months passed really fast. Living on the road with "home is where you park it", was winning combination for us. With so many places to discover we are excited to start new journey soon.

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