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  • Niklas Hollsten

Climbing Kyrkskär

In begining of October, warm and sunny forecast for the weekend means you gonna do some outdoor activity so we went to check out crags on Kyrkskär island, in Archipelago of Turku.

Arriving there the main cliff looked super, straight steep wall next to sea, surrounded with huge boulders. We concentrate on the main cliff, cause of its southwest position, to catch the evening sun.

The climbing was really good, good rock quality, big variation of routes (walls, corners, cracks etc), grades from 3 to 7+. All climbing is traditional or with toprope anchors in some of the trees. For toprope climbing it recommended to take quite long static rope, cause some places the trees are quite far from the edge.

In autumn darkness come faster than we want so after climbing few routs and dinner it become really dark.

Boat trip back got another perspective. Stars as guidance with little help from smartphone all went with no problem.

Half of the adventure of climbing on Kyrkskär is the trip to get there, cause its far out in Archipelago and goes over open sea. With a small boat waves can get really big even with only little bit of wind.

A great and recommended trip overall.

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